AgileBrazil 2019, day 3

I attended to 3 session and the rest of the time I was talking with people in the coffee area.

The first session I attended was the one by Hugo Corbucci who talk about the test-pyramid and some variations on it. He shared his experience working on this topic at Digital Ocean where he currently works. Nice session.

Next, I attended a session by Joseph Yoser who talked about Scrum Patterns. It was an interesting session. Joseph talk about the patterns published at During the session he just reviewed a couple of patters (the site contains around a hundred patters) and it seems a very interesting resource.

Finally, the closing of the conference was with a keynote session by Dr. Alistair Cockburn who talked about his approach called Heart of Agile. I was already familiar with this approach because my friend SolePinter who is actively working with it. I liked how the session was driven.

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