My notes from IEEE WECIS 2017 @ Tucumán

Last week I traveled to Tucumán to participate in the WESCIS conference. I shared Sunday morning with some of the IEEE Students in charge of the organization. In the afternoon I met my colleague Ivan Hansen at Yerba Buena neighbourhood. Finally, at the end of the day I had dinner in a typical restaurant with Gustavo Juárez (president of the IEEE Argentina) and some students and other speakers: Ivan Ruiz Flores (an electrical engineer from Cuernavaca, México), Roberto Urriza(an engineer specialized in Robotics) and Edmundo Loandos (an engineer and professor specialized in data center virtualization),

On Monday I delivered two talks, the first about Modern Extreme Programming and the second one about Legacy Code and Continuous Delivery. For these two talks I used Google Forms questionnaires to interact with the audience: I prepared a couple of questions (each of them in a different form) and asked the audience to fill them at different points of the talk. I really liked this dynamic, I think it is a great way to interact with large audiences (I think there were 60+ people in the talks). Here and here are the slides I used during the talks. In the evening I met some UTN-FRT professors to share some teaching experiences. It was a very nice surprise to discover that one of them had read my book and she was using it in her course.

On Tuesday’s morning I visited Ivan’s company to meet part of his team and talk about DevOps. In the afternoon I delivered a workshop about Modern XP. There were around 35 people and they evaluated the workshop with 4.5/5.


I want to thank Ariana and all the IEEE team @ Tucumán for this great conference, it was an honour for me to be part of it.

More pictures here.



Los próximos 18 y 19 de Septiembre estaré participando de la quinta edición del Workshop of Education Society and Computer Intelligence Society (WESCIS),  un congreso organizado por las Ramas Estudiantiles IEEE de Tucumán.

El contexto de este congreso estaré facilitando un taller sobre Modern Extreme Programming y una charla que he titulado como “From legacy code to Continuous Delivery”.


Notes from my participation on IEEE Brazil 2017

Last week I visit Brasilia to participate in the IEEE Week. This was my first experience in the context of the IEEE DVP and I really enjoyed it (so I expect to receive more invitations 😉 ). I want to thank Dayanne (@dayoff) for the invitation and all the other people I met at University of Brasilia for making me feel so confortable.

Below is my log of the visit with some pictures.

The whole travel started on April 23, I left home at 3 AM to go to Buenos Aires airport. After 2 flights (Buenos Aires/Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo/Brasilia) I arrived to Brasilia airport at 1.30 PM.

Dayanne and Cristiano (students of the local IEEE chapter) picked me up at the airport to took the hotel. In the afternoon I went around the city and in the evening I had dinner with professor Alba.

Around the city with Dayanne and Cristiano

The next morning I visited the university, checked the room for the workshop and after lunch Dayanne and Cristiano gave me a short tour around the city.

At 6 PM we started the Modern XP workshop, there were 22 participants which was a very good number (I usually run this workshop with ~16 participants). We finished some minutes after 10 PM. Even when we couldn’t complete all the planned activities I think the workshop was very good. I asked participant to rank the workshop with a number from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent) and the average was 4.9!.

Opening of the Modern XP workshop

The next morning I went around the city before going to the university. At 12.45 I started the planned lecture at Computer Science auditorium. Just before starting my hosts gave me a present: a cup with the log of the university. The title of the lecture was DevOps, myths and facts of a new paradigm. I think there were about 40 participants including students, professionals and professors. This activity was also rank with 4.9 points. After the lecture I shared some snacks with the participants.

Closing of the DevOps lecture with some of the participants

At 4 PM I took the flight back to Buenos Aires. I finally arrived home the next day at 1 AM.


Preparing for IEEE Week Brazil

Preparing for IEEE Week Brazil

Next week I will be participating in the IEEE Week conference organised by the IEEE Students Chapter at University of Brasilia. In this context I will facilitate 2 activities.

On Monday 24 I will deliver a 4-hour workshop about “Modern Extreme Programming“.

On Tuesday 25 I will deliver the lecture: DevOps, myths and facts of a new paradigm.

Beyond these formal activities I expect to meet some local professors and practitioners to talk and share experiences about Software Engineering.

If you will be around and want to meet to share a talk (and a beer?) just contact me.

IEEE Distinguished Visitors Program

Recientemente he sido seleccionado para formar parte del Programa de Visitantes Distinguidos de la IEEE (DVP), un iniciativa que busca promover el contacto de los diferentes capítulos de IEEE con líderes y referentes de la industria.

Aún no estoy completamente familiarizado con la dinámica pero según he entendido la cuestión es:

  1. Todos los años IEEE selecciona entre sus miembros algunos referentes de la industria para ser speakers del programa DVP.
  2. Los distintos capítulos de IEEE pueden invitar a speakers del programa DVP para participar de sus eventos locales (cada capítulo es un grupo de IEEE típicamente con alcance local a una cuidad/estado)
  3. IEEE se encarga del pagar los costos de viaje del speaker.
  4. El capítulo que realiza la invitación se encarga de cubrir los gastos locales.

Agradezco a IEEE por el reconocimiento y si hay algún capítulo interesado en mi visita no dude en escribirme (