My notes from IEEE WECIS 2017 @ Tucumán

Last week I traveled to Tucumán to participate in the WESCIS conference. I shared Sunday morning with some of the IEEE Students in charge of the organization. In the afternoon I met my colleague Ivan Hansen at Yerba Buena neighbourhood. Finally, at the end of the day I had dinner in a typical restaurant with Gustavo Juárez (president of the IEEE Argentina) and some students and other speakers: Ivan Ruiz Flores (an electrical engineer from Cuernavaca, México), Roberto Urriza(an engineer specialized in Robotics) and Edmundo Loandos (an engineer and professor specialized in data center virtualization),

On Monday I delivered two talks, the first about Modern Extreme Programming and the second one about Legacy Code and Continuous Delivery. For these two talks I used Google Forms questionnaires to interact with the audience: I prepared a couple of questions (each of them in a different form) and asked the audience to fill them at different points of the talk. I really liked this dynamic, I think it is a great way to interact with large audiences (I think there were 60+ people in the talks). Here and here are the slides I used during the talks. In the evening I met some UTN-FRT professors to share some teaching experiences. It was a very nice surprise to discover that one of them had read my book and she was using it in her course.

On Tuesday’s morning I visited Ivan’s company to meet part of his team and talk about DevOps. In the afternoon I delivered a workshop about Modern XP. There were around 35 people and they evaluated the workshop with 4.5/5.


I want to thank Ariana and all the IEEE team @ Tucumán for this great conference, it was an honour for me to be part of it.

More pictures here.

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