After Agile Open La Plata

Last Saturday I took part on this event. There were about 70 participants. During the morning there were some introductory sessions and something interesting happened: there were a session called «implementing agile», there were about 20 people but none of them know about agile, so one of them went to the session next door (where I was) and ask for somebody to talk about the topic, there I went. At the same time JuanG was giving an introductory session about Lean.

There also some classic sessions like: agile & cmmi, distributed agile and intro scrum.

After the lunch we make the classic «Scrum Bird Game» where I was the facilitator. It was much more organized than the one we did at Tandil, I think that because in this occasion there were much less people (4 teams, 5 members each) . During the last iteration of the game I had an idea for future games: change the birds between teams, this could be compared to common situation in software development projects: work on a product developed by someone else.

Finally I attend to a session about estimation were I had the pleasure to share experiences with «the huddleans» : Guille and DiegoF.

I like the event very much, it was over my expectations. My congratulations to Martin, Horacio, Liliana and the other members of the local organization staff, great work!!!

Agile at UADE

Last week Sergio Candelo and Federico Arambarri invited me to talk about agile project management in the their subject at UADE. It was very interesting for me because it was the first time I talk about agile with people from other industries (not software). There were some IT people, but there also were people from marketing, chemistry, electronics. One of the topics of my presentation was the state of the art in agile adoption. To talk about that I used Roger’s innovation adoption curve. and in my opinion were have crossed the chasm. The slide deck I used for my presentation is available here.

Agile Baires: monthly meeting

Yesterday was the June’s meeting. I was the facilitator and the topic of the meeting was «How do I start my project». We use a format called lightning talk, witch consist in a sequence of a time-boxed presentations. We gave 7 minutes to each speaker to make his presentation and 3 minutes more  for answer and questions.

There were 5 presentations and all  of them were very interesting. Here is the slide deck I used during my presentation.

See you.