After Agile Open La Plata

Last Saturday I took part on this event. There were about 70 participants. During the morning there were some introductory sessions and something interesting happened: there were a session called «implementing agile», there were about 20 people but none of them know about agile, so one of them went to the session next door (where I was) and ask for somebody to talk about the topic, there I went. At the same time JuanG was giving an introductory session about Lean.

There also some classic sessions like: agile & cmmi, distributed agile and intro scrum.

After the lunch we make the classic «Scrum Bird Game» where I was the facilitator. It was much more organized than the one we did at Tandil, I think that because in this occasion there were much less people (4 teams, 5 members each) . During the last iteration of the game I had an idea for future games: change the birds between teams, this could be compared to common situation in software development projects: work on a product developed by someone else.

Finally I attend to a session about estimation were I had the pleasure to share experiences with «the huddleans» : Guille and DiegoF.

I like the event very much, it was over my expectations. My congratulations to Martin, Horacio, Liliana and the other members of the local organization staff, great work!!!

3 comentarios en “After Agile Open La Plata

  1. Hola Nico,

    He estado buscando las user stories del pajarraco pero no he conseguido dar con ellas. ¿sabes dónde puedo encontrarlas?, Ariel Ber me comentó que estaban disponibles pero tampoco lo pude ubicar 😦


    Saludos cordiales desde Chile.


    1. Hola Jorge, estoy casi seguro que tengo el texto de las historias en la máquina de casa. En estos dias lo busco y te lo paso.

      1. Hola es un gusto leer tu blog.

        Hace un tiempo tuve la oportunidad de ver la dinámica pero igualmente no he encontrado los user histories, ¿crees posible que puedas facilitarlas?.

        Saludos y gracias 😀

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