SmallTalk class

Last week, like every end of semester I gave a special introductory class about SmallTalk programming. This time I decided to modify the slidedeck to put more emphasis on the fact that in SmallTalk everything is an object. The slide deck is available for download here.

Enjoy it!

Technical careers scholarships

The Argentine goverment is implementing a scholarship program called Becas Bicentenario with the aim of promoting the study of technical carrers. During the ’90 the Argentine industry suffer a lot, many factories closed. At the same time young people prefered to study humanist carrers. After the 2001 crisis, local industries start to expand again -and this expansion still continue. But there aren’t enough technitians to suppport this expansion and that is why the goverment has implemented this initiative. If you are interested, all the information is available at the official website.

Team Puzzle

Today I went to the presentation of the final project of my friends Carolina and Marcio. Their project consist in a management tool to support the development of software projects. It is called Team Puzzle and has been publish here -at Sourceforge. It has some similar features to Team Foundation Server, but it is built on open source technologies. It integrates Open LDAP, Tomcat, MySql, JBPM and Eclipse.

Congratulations Caro and Marcio, you have done a Great job!