Notes from my participation on IEEE Brazil 2017

Last week I visit Brasilia to participate in the IEEE Week. This was my first experience in the context of the IEEE DVP and I really enjoyed it (so I expect to receive more invitations 😉 ). I want to thank Dayanne (@dayoff) for the invitation and all the other people I met at University of Brasilia for making me feel so confortable.

Below is my log of the visit with some pictures.

The whole travel started on April 23, I left home at 3 AM to go to Buenos Aires airport. After 2 flights (Buenos Aires/Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo/Brasilia) I arrived to Brasilia airport at 1.30 PM.

Dayanne and Cristiano (students of the local IEEE chapter) picked me up at the airport to took the hotel. In the afternoon I went around the city and in the evening I had dinner with professor Alba.

Around the city with Dayanne and Cristiano

The next morning I visited the university, checked the room for the workshop and after lunch Dayanne and Cristiano gave me a short tour around the city.

At 6 PM we started the Modern XP workshop, there were 22 participants which was a very good number (I usually run this workshop with ~16 participants). We finished some minutes after 10 PM. Even when we couldn’t complete all the planned activities I think the workshop was very good. I asked participant to rank the workshop with a number from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent) and the average was 4.9!.

Opening of the Modern XP workshop

The next morning I went around the city before going to the university. At 12.45 I started the planned lecture at Computer Science auditorium. Just before starting my hosts gave me a present: a cup with the log of the university. The title of the lecture was DevOps, myths and facts of a new paradigm. I think there were about 40 participants including students, professionals and professors. This activity was also rank with 4.9 points. After the lecture I shared some snacks with the participants.

Closing of the DevOps lecture with some of the participants

At 4 PM I took the flight back to Buenos Aires. I finally arrived home the next day at 1 AM.


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