AgileBrazil 2019, day 2

The journey started with the keynote session by Paulo Caroli who talked about Lean Inception, nice.

After that I attended to the session “Como acabar con a cultura do héroi” by Ceci Fernandez. The session was very interactive, in fact Ceci acted more as a moderator that a presenter, I liked it.

During the lunch break I left the conference to visit the city. I went to the “Praça da Libertade” neighborhood and visit the Museum of Mines and Metals.

Around 3 pm I went back the conference to listen Luis Parzianello in his session about Business Owners. Really interesting. After the session I had the chance to talk with Luis and his viewpoint on Agility and Transformations really surprised me: “The business needs answers now, it can wait for IT to change, there no more time, if the IT people is not ready to give fast and solid solutions, then they should leave and the organization should get new people ready for the challenge” (these were not his words but my summary of what he told me). I am totally agree with this and it surprised me because most of the “Agile Coaches” I know always try to “change people” without even considering the option of firing people.

The last session of the day was an “out-of-the-box” keynote by Carla Link who talked about several, non-IT, initiatives for a better society. It was a very inspiring session.

Carla on the stage

As usual, the day ended sharing some drinks and talks with all the participantes, this time at Mercado Novo.

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