AgileBrazil 2019, day 1

This is my first time at AgileBrazil and here is my summary of day 1.

The opening keynote session was in charge of Woody Zuill who talked about Mob Programming. Even when I was already familiar with this technique it was a valuable session. I got some interesting tips and arguments to use when trying to convince people to try mob programming.

After the keynote I spent most of the day in the WBMA session where I presented my paper about Agile in the Undergraduate Curricula. Beyond the presented papers I made some academic contacts. It is amazing for me how difficult is for some researches to present their work in a clear way. Beyond this issue, there were a couple of studies about different agile practices that were really interesting for me.

One session I really liked, beyond those of the WBMA, was the one presented by Vini Andrade who talked about Continuous Delivery at NuBank.

Beyond the sessions I had the opportunity to do some networking and also meet colleagues I already knew like Luis Parzianello, Lula Rodriguez and Maria Augusta.

I don’t speak Portuguese but when Brazilians speak slowly I am able to understand some stuff. But in the main room there is translation service (Portuguse-English) that was a great deal for me.

Woody Zuill on Mob-Programming

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