XPConf 2016: Day 3 summary

The day started with a keynote by Professor Lionel Briand who talked about «Documented requirements are not useless after all». He presented really interesting stuff based on concrete study cases. I liked it.

After the keynote I joined the session «Working effectively with legacy Test» by Nat Pryce and Duncan McGregor. The session started with a short introduction by Nat and then we started reviewing test code shared by the participants. While sharing the code we analysed and proposed different possible refactors. I like the dynamics of the session.

Next I jumped to the session «Bourne Again, Bootstrap a testing framework in BASH» where Rob Westgeest coded a «xunit-like» tool in BASH to test BASH scripts. It was simple great! I loved the session and it gave me lot of ideas.

In the afternoon I followed Woody Zuill to his session «No Estimates», I was already familiar with the topic but I wanted to see how Woody presented it. I really liked his approach and I enjoyed the session.

The last session of the day (and the conference) was a Keynote by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce.

The closing of the conference was in charge of Seb Rose who was the host of the conference.

In the next post I will share some highlights of the conference beyond the «formal stuff».

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