XPConf 2016: Day 2, our workshop

We were a bit worried because we didn’t know how many people would attend our workshop. The conference agenda for that day was full of interesting sessions and attending to our full-day workshop would imply missing all those sessions.

To our surprise we started the session with ~15 participants! After the ice-breaker activity we shared the full set of activities we had plan for the session and asked the participants to vote them, so we can concentrate in those more interesting for the audience. After voting, the final plan was not very different to what had prepared.

During the morning we presented our vision of XP “new practices” and drilled into one of them: Infrastructure as Code. These two topics generated some interesting discussion.

Before taking a break we checked with the audience how to continue. At that point some people left the session, but about the half decided to complete the workshop. So after a 30 minutes break we we jumped into Continuous Delivery, we reviewed the main concepts and we did a demo.

The next topic was User Story Mapping which only one of the participants knew about. We presented the technique and then we put it in practice.

The latest topic was Specification by Example, we explained the technique and put it in practice using Cucumber-JVM and working a “enterprise-like” application we built for the occasion. We work on a set of stories identified in the Story Mapping. For each of them we provided a ser of rules and asked the participants to work in pairs to write examples, validate them with US and them implement them.

As usual, at the end we asked for participant to rank the workshop and we get 4.3 out of 5 which for us was great! Here are some quotes form participants:

I really appreciated seeing Story Mapping and BDD in action –  especially the continuity between the two because they used the same example project.


Certainly a lot of valuable things covered and I learned a lot.


Definitely worth attending!

Here are some pictures and here is the slide deck we used (it does not have much information and because of that we are writing an booklet some participants can drill down in the different topics)






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