XP2015: Day 5 Summary

This was the last day of the conference and it was dedicated to workshops (academic and industrial**). I started the day in the Refactoring (academic) workshop and after coffee break I switch to the Retrospectives (industrial) Workshop by Paulo Caroli which was one of the best sessions I attended in the whole conference. Paulo shared many techniques to plan/guide retrospectives, many of them are documented in his book Fun Retrospectives.

After the lunch it was the time to delivery my BDD Tutorial, a technical hands-on session where we reviewed the BDD technique and several implementation details with tools like Cucumber-JVM, Fitnesse and JBehave. Everything went as expected, no major issues with the technical stuff, all participant were able to run the Virtual machine I created for the tutorial. I am very happy with the results and I think I will plan to run it again in South America before the end of the year.



** academic workshop are basically presentation and discussions about formal research papers while industrial workshops are totally different, they are interactive sessions where the audience listen and do.

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