ChiliProject, my favourite project management tool

About 2 years ago I started working with Tipit guys. My first task was to migrate their project management tool. At that time they were using a tool called Bugnet that was build with C# and they wanted to move to ChiliProject that was built with Ruby. I had experience with both technologies so I was a good candidate to do the job. The migration was successful and after that, we continued working together.

For almost two years I have worked in several Tipit projects and in all of them we have used ChiliProject. In all this time we have also added several new features to ChiliProject and the good news is that all these features are open source and anyone can get them from GitHub.

What I like about ChiliProject is that it provides several features beyond issue tracking, here is a brief list of the most interesting features in my opinion:

  • Ability to define different kind of issues with different fields and workflows
  • Ability to create/update issues by email
  • Ability to connect to source code repository and link commits with issues
  • Discussion Forums
  • Project roadmap definition support
  • Project calendar
  • Wikis
  • File sharing

Beyond these features, ChiliProject is a open source tool, built on Ruby on Rails and very extensible.

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