Otro argumento por Pharo

Esta mañana estaba leyendo la lista de correo de Pharo y encontré un mail de Stef. Duccase sobre la visión de Pharo, transcribo algunos de los párrafos que me parecen importantes.

“Some days ago we were chatting with igor and he made an interesting remark about a kind of hidden philosophy
behind pharo: the idea that we systematically want to make the system better.
In fact I realized that what we are doing is to make a system nice, robust and powerful so that everybody can use
to realize their goals. But we want to have a system where not only smart guys can manage to do something with it but also less talented people…”

“…I want a system that let me learn from itself. I think that lot of things fall naturally in place from this vision (documentation, oo practices – not having car inheriting from wheel, tests comments, adequate abstractions, modularity). I want a system that everybody can nicely build his own software.
So in short I want pharo to be like a nice garden with greenhouses for building new garden with tools versus a jungle where only skilled adventurers can make it through.”

Totalmente de acuerdo. Y esto me lleva a pretuntarte: ¿sabes tu cual es la visión que tienen los createdores de tu lenguaje de desarrollo preferido?


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