Estrategia de versionado para DevOps, paper aceptado

Hace unos días me notificaron que mi paper Versioning Strategy for DevOps Implementations fue aprobado para ser presentado en Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Informática y Desarrollos de la Investigación (CACIDI2018). Comparto aquí el resumen de este trabajo:

DevOps is one of the most popular approaches for software delivery nowadays. Even though there is no unified definition of DevOps, there is wide consensus about the set of practices that are part of it. Two of those practices areInfrastructure as Code and Continuous Delivery, which bring new artifacts into the Software Development lifecycle. These new artifacts have direct impact on Software ConfigurationManagement, which is a well-known practice that has been around for decades in the Software Engineering discipline. In particular, these new practices have a direct impact on VersionControl. This article describes a Version Control Strategy to manage these new artifacts introduced by DevOps initiatives.The proposed strategy covers the identification of artifacts, versioning tools, version naming conventions and traceability between different artifacts versions. The strategy was validated in three cases of real world projects where it was successfully applied. Each case corresponds to a different kind of organization and in each case a different set of tools where used. Based on these cases, benefits and possible improvements are identified.

A Flipped Classroom Experience Teaching Software Engineering

The paper will be presented at the 1st International Workshop on Software Engineering Curricula for Millennials (SECM2017)

Abstract: New teaching approaches like the flipped classroom are an interesting alternative to educate new generations but they represent new challenges for teachers. This paper describes our experience re-designing our classes and study materials in order to adopt a flipped classroom approach combined with some other non-traditional teaching techniques. This experience is focused on the Software Engineering course at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. In this paper we share details of our strategy, the positive results we obtained and the concerns we still need to address.

Keywords: experience report; flipped classroom; education; agile; software engineering

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