From Heroku to Rackspace

It is the third time I am involved in the moving an application from Heroku to a cloud server. The time the server is running Ubuntu and it is hosted on Rackspace. It was not my decision, I was contacted once the the decision was already made, but in this particular case I think it is a good idea.

The requirement was simple: move the application to a Cloud Server running Ubuntu 14. The application should continue using the same infrastructure services it was using on Heroku, that is: Puma, PostgreSQL and Memcached.

Just like the previous cases I was involved, the setup of the infrastructure is really easy, you can do almost everything with apt-get command.

The “not-so-easy” part is when you have to replace some of the services provided by Heroku. No matter how simple your application is, for sure you will have to deal with application deployment and database backups.

In the next days I will post detailed articles to explain how to implemented this concerns.

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