Javascript tests running on Jenkins

Nowadays, no matter what technology you use to build your web application, it is almost sure you will need to write some JavaScript code. At the same Javascript script code is not only used to animate the web pages, it is also used to handle validations and application flow. Because of this, everyday is more needed to write unit tests for the Javascript code.

There are several unit testing frameworks for Javascript. In my case I choose Qunit, that is testing framework developed by the jQuery guys.

Of course that in order to be able to write unit tests for your code, you will need to follow some design guidelines, but that is part of another post. Let’s suppose you followed that guidelines and now you want to write some test, these are the steps you should follow to run your tests:

  1. Download qunit.js
  2. Download qunit.css
  3. Write your tests in a javascript file
  4. Create a html page referencing the 3 previous files

With these 4 steps you are almost done, open the html file and you will have your tests executed.

What is missing, is how to run these tests in the build server. The interesting point here is that to run Javascript t tests we need a Javascript engine. In a develop machine, it is not a problem, you can use your browser, but in the build server is not so easy. The approach I took was to use PhantomJS, a tool that among other things, can run Javascript without needing a browser.

So using PhantomJS and MSbuild I was able to have my Jenkins running my Javascript tests.

Here you can download a running example.

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