ASP.NET: WebForms and MVC Side by Side

This is the situation I am facing:

I have a WebForms application that has been running for years. It was initially built with VS2008 (net 3), then was updated to VS2010 (net 4) and was recently updated to VS2012 (net 4.5).

The client has decided to redesign the UI of some pages. He hired a group of designers that produced a very cool set of new pages based on HTML5 and CSS. Now I need to take that HTML and CSS and adjust the webforms application. As you can imagine this can be a really hard work, because among other things, the webforms application uses several non-standart webcontrols.

So, what I would like to do is to implement these new pages using ASP.NET MVC. I did some googling and it seems it is possible to have WebForms and MVC living side by side in the same application. But before going further I would like to hear some opinions.

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