Fridays @ Southworks

Every Friday at 9 o’clock we have the «Friday Presentations». Any Southie can propose a presentation, there is no restriction about the topic, so you could be watching someone talking about dynamic languages or sharing his experiences during the last PDC. However, most presentations talk about projects that are currently executing or that we have executed lately. Each presenter has a slot of 15 minutes to talk about the topic he chose. In general we have one presentation per Friday, but in some occasions we have 2 presentations.

Once presentations are finished we have an «Open Discussion» space. We sit in a circle and any Southie can propose a topic for discussion. After introducing all topics, we vote them and the TOP 2 voted topics are discussed. The open discussions topics are generally related to our daily practice, improvement opportunities, update on different things, etc.

Both, the presentations and discussion are recorded and published in our network to allow any Southie to consume them later if they could not make it.

All these effort is coordinated by the communications team lead by Julian Scopinaro.

Personally, I found these spaces very useful; they help to keep us up to date with things that are happening in the company and also allow us to talk about improvement opportunities.

This is part Southworks’ culture.

Below some pictures from the last Friday.



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