Project A: day#1

Today we (GabrielSZ, DiegoM, TimO and Lito) started a new project (aka project A) and I decided to (try to) write a post every day telling the story of the project. As you may image the first day our activities were:

  • Kick-off: a short meeting where everybody get familiar with the project goals, timeframes and restrictions.
  • Planning:  the customer gave us a VERY rough idea of his needs and we took care of “backlogize” them (convert into a backlog the customer needs). This is usually misunderstood so I want to be very explicit: we clearly identified user stories, we estimated them and prioritized them according to the customer criteria. Finally we published the backlog for the customer to “play with it” (without modifying our estimates). Based on this backlog we will start our first iteration.
  • Research: the project has some technical challenges so we had to make some research (just a couple of hours) before the planning, to be able to estimate.
  • Setup: we made the infraestructure request for the project (repository, lists, tracking system, etc.)

To be continue…


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