Smalltalks 2009 conference

During 19, 20 and 21 of November took place in Buenos Aires the 3 rd Argentine Smalltalk Conference. Among many international visitors there were Dan Ingalls (one of Smalltalk’s creators) and Stephane Ducasse (author of the famous book: Squeak By Example, and creator of Pharo).badge

The conference’s opening was in charge of Hernan Wilkinson, and inmediatly after him, Ducasse gave his session titled: I have a dream…. let’s make it come true. It was a really interesting session where Ducasse shared the vision that lead him to start Pharo project. Other interesting session were James Foster’s Introduction to Gemstone, Smalltalk in the pocket by Esteban Lorenzano (who talk about building applications for the iPhone) and 40 years of Fun with computers by Dan Ingalls. This last session was a review of the main projects Dan participated during his life. He finishes the session showing us his current work at Sun Microsystem developing the Lively Kernel (something VERY interesting I will be writting in short.)

My session was on Friday 20 th and I shared the stage with Carlos Fontela (my Senior Faculty). There were about 50 people!! a number over our expectations.  We talked about our experience at FIUBA, teaching object-oriented programming using Smalltalk, Java and agile practices. The slide deck used in the session is available here. And if you want to know more about our sesion I will be writting some more details in my Spanish blog.

Enjoy it!


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