Agile Open BsAs 2009 – Sessions part 1

In this post I will try to resume some sessions I took part on.

Session 1: Technical debt

This session was proposed by Vincens who introduced it commenting this article. I think that we all agreed that we should try to minimize it to prevent it to convert in a big ball of snow and that oblige us to make a full re engineering of the system. It should be kept small, so it could be attack applying refactoring techniques along the iteration. One point of discussion was how to plan that refactoring: should that refactoring effort be visible to the product owner and added to the product backlog?  should it be handle by the team without telling the product owner? what if I am working on a legacy system that has a huge technical debt that can not be handle with refacting? is it possible to have an entire iteration to make just refactoring?

The conclusions were:

  • We should prevent it
  • We have to be honest with the product owner
  • We must understand the value of not having technical debts

Session 5: Next steps of the Latinamerican community

There were more than 30 people in this session. After explaining the current situation and the need of having a formal structure, we talk about the pros and cons of joining SADIO and finally we decided to try joining it. We also decided that to be part of the community members will have to attend to at least one of the major annual events organized by the community.

More comming soon….


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