XP2018, day 2 summary: I ‘m Kent, I ‘m back

First of all, let me explain how the conference was organized: the conference was divided into 3 parts, Monday tutorials + Main conference (Tuesday+Wednesday+Thursday) + Friday tutorials. Participants could choose to attend to each of these parts independently. What usually happens is that most of the people attend to the main conference.

On Tuesday the journey started with the keynote speaker Laurie Williams, a well-prepared talk about Security and DevOps. After the keynote we have the coffee break and next the Open Space.

The Open Space Marketplace was facilitated by Charlie Poole (NUnit core team), it was in the park of the faculty, we were all standing in a circle with Charlie in the center using the microphone. I was in the queue to propose a session, when a big guy with a black cap took the microphone and said: “Hi, I ‘m Kent, I ‘m back…“, it took me a while to realize that the guy was Kent Beck.

During the afternoon I attended to the panel:”Agile Development in a Mission Critical World” and the sessions “Ship it or It Never happed: the power of Docker, Heroku and CircleCI” and “DevOps as an Enabler for More Efficient Testing in Large-Scale Agile Projects“.

In the last slot of the journey it was our turn, me and Diego presented our research work: “Technical and Organizational Agile Practices: A Latin-American Survey“. Here are the slides of our presentation.

Once all the sessions were over, we attended to the social activity of the day: the visit to a cellar. We had a brief explanation about Oporto Wine and after that we had an awesome reception with a beautiful view of the city.

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