Agile 2017 Conference, day 3 notes

They started with the keynote by Jez Humble about Continuous Delivery. Nothing new for me, but it was interesting to hear some real world cases with concrete stats.

At 10.45 I went to the session Design Patterns Thinking and Architecture at Scale by Al Shalloway. The session was focused more on design patterns than on architecture at scale.

In the afternoon I attended to Rebeca’s session titled Three Practices for Paying Ongoing Attention to System Qualities, I think 2 of the 3 presented practices could be very useful for my current project.

My last session was High Performing Teams: Want to watch one in action? Absolutely! by Bryan Miles. For me, the session was one of the best sessions of the whole conference. Brian invited a quartet: 3 violins and 1 cello. This quartet had been playing together for a long time and were in fact a high performance team. The dynamic of the session was focused on the quartet following “some rules” while playing and the audience analysed and discussed the interaction among the musicians.

The day ended with the Extravagan-Zoo activity that was a an opportunity to do some networks while sharing some drinks and food with the sponsors. Nice.

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