ICSE 2017, my notes from Technical Briefings

ICSE 2017, my notes from Technical Briefings

I recently had the chance to attend to this conference. It was organised in 3 parallel tracks with session of 90 minutes length. I started my journey in the session by Barry Boehm, yes that guy, the one that created COCOMO and wrote those classical books about software cost estimation. The title of the session was: Software cost estimation meets software diversity. The session was fine, the content was not innovative in my opinion but beyond that, it was incredible to see Barry, who is 82 years old, presenting it.

Next, I went to the session by Damian Tamburri that was called DevOps: Introducing Infrastructure as Code. The session started with a brief introduction to DevOps foundations and then it focused on the Infrastructure as Code practice by presenting an standard specification for defining infrastructure as code. I didn’t know about this spec, it is called Tosca and seems very promising. In a certain way this specification standardises some of the feature currently supported by Terraform.

In the afternoon I went to the session Analyzing Software Engineering Experiments: Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask by Sira Vegas. I expected this session to be interactive, but it wasn’t, it was a lecture, where Sira shared several common mistakes in Software Engineering Experiments and also how to prevent/avoid them.

To close the journey I attended to the session Detecting and Quantifying Architectural Debt: Theory and Practice by Yuanfang Cai and Rick Kazman. It was really interesting, it was focused on how to measure the debt in terms of money because that is a simply way for business people to understand its relevance. After this motivation the authors presented an initiative they are involved. The slides of the session are available here.

All the sessions I attended had between 10 and 30 participants, which in my opinion was too few given the relevance of the speakers.

One thing I would change is the length of the session, 90 minutes for «lecture-like» session is too much in my opinion. So I would propose to do shorter sessions or make them more interactive. Beyond these details, it was a really valuable journey for me.

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