SoCraTes arrives South America

SoCraTes arrives South America

Next Friday, July 1st, the Software Craftsmanship and Testing Conference will arrive to South America. It will be hosted at Universidad de Chile.

I have just bought my ticket so in the next couple of days I will start preparing a session proposal (the agenda is full open space). I have 2 possible topics in mind:

  • Bringing technical excellent to legacy projects: since I started my freelancer activity the majority of the projects I have been involved were legacy projects. In that contexts my main concern was always remove technical impediments in order to enable the continuous delivery of business value. So the idea of this session is to share some patterns and practices to face this challenges.
  • Continuous Delivery at Scale: setup a Jenkins server and configure a couple jobs to automate integration and deployment is an “easy task”, but the situation get complex when you have to manage hundred of projects and at the same time follow several organisational policies. This session is about patterns and recommendations to deal with this stuff.

I don’t have enough time to prepare both sessions, so I have to pick one. What would you prefer?


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