XP2015: Day 3 Summary

The journey started with the keynote by Harri Oikarinen from Ericsson. His talk focused on the leadership model and learning lifestyle strategy that Ericsson is using to face what he described as the Network Society. It was very interesting and the slides were really cool!

After the keynote we had pitches of the sessions on the day.

During the whole day there were open space sessions in parallel with the predefined sessions.

I spent the rest of the morning in the lightning talks session where I found some interesting stuff and I also shared the Test-Driven approach we are using at FIUBA.

After the lunch I joined the session Create the Conditions for Team Learning and Coordination: Five Simple Rules hosted by Diana Larsen. Very very useful (I will share some notes about this in another post).

Finally I joined an open session session proposed by Alex Wilson which was about Modern XP. In this session we went over the original XP practices and analyzed the evolution of each of them. Very interesting and possible one of the best sessions of the day.

Late in the evening we had the conference social dinner at the Helsinki Stock Exchange Building, a really nice place. The dinner was great: excellent food and some fun entertainment including PowerPoint-Karaoke (organized by Diana Larsen), a singer, a pianist and magician. I was in a table with some guys some India and Italy and another guy born in Tunisia but currently living now in Sweden.

xp_day3_1 xp_day3_2

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