XP2015: Day 1 Summary

The first session I attended was a workshop by Wouter Lagerwaij: Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins Job Builder.  It was really really interesting, the speaker was an expert on the topic and the workshop’s materials were very properly prepared. I took several useful notes to review. When the workshop finished (on time, of course) we had lunch.

The lunch was self-service and included salad, fish, potatoes, cheese and bread. After lunch there was also coffee and tea available.

In the afternoon I had to choose between Fearless Change workshop by Linda Rising and DevOps and Continuous Value Delivery with Lego and Chocolate workshop by Dana Pylayeva. What do you think I choose? Yes, of course, the second one because is more related to the concerns I usually work. The workshop was fine, after brief conceptual introduction we worked in groups in an activity similar to El Pajarraco but with with a different focus: business value and team collaboration. I liked the activity and also the way Dana presented the DevOps theory.

The last activity of the day was a reception at the City Hall where we shared some drinks and soft food. It was a nice networking activity were I met people from several countries including: Holland, Slovenia, USA, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and Finland of course.

xp_day1 xp_day1b


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