Team City organizational setup alternatives

The way we decided to manage the continuous integration process is to have one build server per project, that is an exclusive virtual machine with a Team City install running on it. These strategy gives each team full control over the server without having to worry about other projects.

Other alternative, that I think is more frequently used, is to have only one build server for the whole organization and several build agents. When using this strategy the build server concentrate the all build configurations, checkouts the code and delegate to an agent the execution of the build steps. If you have two projects with incompatible software requirements (i.e. one project running on Windows and other on Linux), then you could setup one Windows agent and Linux agent.

Last week I setup an environment following this second alternative. I took 2 machines, in the first one I installed a full TeamCity environment: server and agent, and in the second one I installed just an agent. It was very straight forward. One additional benefit of this setup is that it allows run builds in parallel.

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