New series: game development

In a while I will start working on a new project related to game development and I thought that it was a good opportunity to write some stuff about it.

I have never been involved in commercial games development, but I have background on the topic. I been teaching object-oriented programming at Fiuba and most of the programming practices are related to games, because they provide very good scenarios to apply may OO concepts.  At the same time I have also been involved in the development of a simple framework to create loop-based games called titiritero and that is used by our students to perform their programming practices. And of course I have also implemented my own games, but that was a long time ago (I remember I used Delphi 4 and C++).

So, let’s start by setting the expectation so you can decide to continue reading or not: along this series of post I will write about development of simple loop-based games which covers most of the games that you can currently find in mobile devices. I will share some basic concepts that you can apply no matter which technology you use for the implementation. Regarding the implementation, I will focus on Microsoft technologies and particularly in XNA Game Studio.

From now on, you will find all articles in this series under the tag gameDevelopment.

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