Developing Cmdlets for Power Shell

During the last week I have been working with Iaco in a project about this topic. I found it quite interesting I had some experience in shell scripts but on Linux platform but Power Shell (in honor to its name) seems to be more powerful.

First of all I must say that there are some difference between PS2 and the previous versions, of course that there is backward compatibility, but you must know that PS2 comes with some features that could make your life as a developer much more easy. One of that features is the Windows Power Shell Integrated Scripting Environment, a tool that among other things allow to debug you scripts. Here are some useful resources that helped me:

  • If you don’t know anything about Power Shell you can start with this Getting Started Guide.
  • Then you can follow with this post by David Aiken were you will find info enough to create your first Cmdlets and also a Visual Studio Project Template to do it.
  • Here you will find info about cmdlets concepts like development guidelines, verbs and parameters.
  • But before developing your customs cmdlet review this community project to see if what you need already exists.
  • Finally an interesting resource to look at is the Power Shell Team Blog

I hope this help you.

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