After Agile Open Tandil

Well, finally I get some time to write about it. The meeting took place at the Unicen building in the center of the city.

We started about 8 in the morning setting up the place. During the morning we had only one session:”Scrum bird game”, 4 product owners (jgabadini, dfondevila, mbelnicoff and me), and about 60 participants divided into 8 teams. I took us about 2 hours. Some retrospective items after the game:

  • Several teams try to build the birds assuming things about the requirements without asking the product owners
  • After the chaos of first iteration most teams improved their organization and that allow them to improved their performance.
  • It was not a good experience to have one product owner for two teams at the same time. The product should be always available.
  • The products should be full tested by the product owner, I let the team to test the flexibility of the bird :(.

After the lunch break there were three slots of 4 sessions each. I took part of the following:

  • How to work less: the idea was to debate about how collaboration with the customers can make us work less as a result of delegating some task on the customers/users. I gave the example of UAT written and executed by the user.
  • Estimation methods: it was an open session were each talk about the way that use to estimate.
  • Tools for agile development: after talking about different tools, we agreed that in every project is necessary to have certain tools: a source code repository (svn, cvs, whatever), a tracking tool to manage issues, risks defects, etc, and a wiki to use as a knowledge base.

I am very satisfied with the results and I hope to see some folks from Tandil next month in the La Plata.

That is all, see you.

One thought on “After Agile Open Tandil

  1. Excellent post! I had a great time, loved the 50 people or so Pajarraco Bird Game, had a great time at the afternoon talks (agile testing, XP intro and Agile implementation experiences).

    See you all in La Plata.

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