XP2018, day 3 to 5 summary

My initial plan was to write a different article for each day, but the time is running and I have not enough time to do it, so here it goes: a quick summary of the best things I saw during days 3, 4 and 5.

Day 3 started with Kent Beck. No slides, just «the guy» in the middle of the stage.

Beck started talking about accepting the diversity when working in teams. That part of the talk was ok but it was not big deal for me. What was really great for me was the second part of the talk when Beck talked about the 3X model for product development. In the afternoon I attended some other sessions but nothing very relevant except for a one-to-one talk I had with Beck about his 3X model. The day ended with a social event in the terrace of research center next to the sea.

On Thursday (day 4) the most interesting things I saw were 2 session in the afternoon. The first one was «Contract Testing in theory and practice» by Seb Rose and as usual with his sessions, it was an excellent session. The second one was a research work presented by Ernani Dos Santos about «Automated Acceptance Tests as Software Requirements: An Experiment to Compare the Applicability of Fit tables and Gherkin Language», it was really interesting and provided me with resources for my software engineering course.

Friday was the last and possible the day with the best content. During the morning I attended to a hands-on session with Cucumber guys: Aslak Hellesøy and Steve Tooke. The session was focused on how to create super-fast acceptance tests. During the afternoon the was in the session «Refactoring Legacy Code: Mobbing Dojo» that was facilitated by Danijel Arsenovski and Steve Bement.

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